Nine facts of Obama's medical reform and the fact that you don't know about the ACA

Obama's health care reform is a popular name for the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is often misunderstood. Regardless of whether you bought Obama Health Insurance, the bill has affected you in ways that no one has ever told. Use these facts to get all the benefits you can get from this comprehensive and complex legislation.

1. The real goal of ACA is to reduce the cost of Medicare and Medicaid

The federal government spent $1.05 trillion on health care alone, surpassing any other budget. According to the 2018 budget, it includes $582 billion in medical insurance and $440 billion in Medicaid. The Department of Health and Human Services manages a total of $65.7 billion in projects. Health care costs the US government more than $1.005 trillion in social security or $824 billion in military budgets.

2. It is changing the way medical services are provided

ACA requires hospitals, doctors, and pharmacists to work together in ways never before possible. First, all medical records must be recorded electronically rather than on paper. Computerized records make it easy for doctors to share their diagnosis and treatment. Second, medical insurance pays for the hospital based on your health status rather than how many checks and procedures the doctor does. Therefore, medical expenses should be reduced. Third, health care providers are forming responsible medical institutions to coordinate medical services between doctors and experts. You might think this has happened. no. In fact, communication errors between doctors are the biggest cause of accidental death in 2010. Thanks to ACA, the healthcare industry recognizes that integrated care is the future of development and they have begun to shift to integrated care.

3. Medical and insurance plans have been improved

These improvements include:
All plans must provide 10 basic health benefits.
The plan can no longer exclude those who have the conditions.
The company can no longer let sick people leave.
Parents can increase their children under the age of 26 in their plans.
The life limit was cancelled.
Cancel the annual limit.

4. The middle class benefits more than the poor

Between 2015 and 2024, the Obamacare reform subsidies for those registered on the health care exchange will cost the federal government $10.39 trillion. Its spending on expanding Medicaid and child health insurance plans has been reduced by 30%, or $792 billion. ACA's subsidies are for families with annual incomes between approximately $47,000 and $94,000, equivalent to 400% of federal poverty. In the United States, the median household income for a family of four is $79,698, a figure that is small in the middle. These subsidies will become Trump's national collective funding to replace the Obamacare reform plan.

5. 60% of those eligible for Obama's health care subsidy don't even know

17 million people are eligible for subsidies because they do not have employer insurance. Although they make too much money for Medicaid, they are legal residents of the United States. But only 6.6 million people signed up. Don't be a member of 10.4 million people. Make sure you know how to get Obama's health care reform.

6. It increases the welfare of medical insurance

If you have health insurance, the “doughnut hole” gap in the coverage will be subsidized. There are many other ways in which Obama's health care reform can have different effects on people's situations.

7. It does not provide medical insurance for illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants cannot accept Obama's medical reform in the United States. But ACA does expand community health clinics to serve them. why? So they will get preventive treatment for chronic diseases. As a result, they will reduce the use of expensive emergency rooms and reduce the cost of medical care for everyone.

8. You must get at least nine months of health insurance every year, otherwise you have to pay taxes

But millions of people have been exempted. For example, if you declare bankruptcy, you can be tax-free. The Tax Deduction and Employment Act abolished the tax that came into force in 2019.

No.9. ACA has a total of 10 parts. Most people do more than just provide insurance

Do you know that the ACA legislation has also implemented the following plans?

It established the National Preventive Committee to coordinate all federal health efforts to promote a positive, drug-free lifestyle.

It funds scholarships and loans to double the number of health care providers within five years.

It reduces fraudulent doctor/supplier relationships.

It requires a background check of all nursing home staff to prevent abuse of older people.