Obama's medical reform explanation: simple enough to explain to your child

In 2010, President Obama and Congress created the Obamacare reform. why? They want to make sure that all Americans get health insurance. More importantly, they want to reduce medical expenses.

Going to see a doctor or hospital has become very expensive. In fact, medical expenses are the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States. People with health insurance are seldom worried about these costs because their insurance pays most of the cost. The insured pays only a small fee for each visit, which is called co-payment. Most people get health insurance as benefits from their employer. Companies typically pay a portion of their monthly fees, called insurance premiums.

What about people who don't provide health insurance and people who don't have jobs? Some of them are poor enough to qualify for Medicaid paid by the state and federal governments. People over the age of 65 receive medical insurance. They pay premiums from federal government subsidies.

What happens to those who earn too much money for Medicaid, are too young to get health insurance, but don't get insurance from work? They have to pay private insurance and are expensive.

Its impact on you.

The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is very complex and has been implemented over the past five years. This is how it affects your family and the people you know. Also understand what changes might happen to Trump's plan to replace Obama's health care reform.

Anyone can compare plans on the exchange, which is a website operated by the state or federal government. These exchanges also let people know when they are eligible for a tax credit. Obamacare has paid most of the operating costs of these exchanges.

All health insurance plans must provide 10 basic health benefits. The only exception is the plan that already exists on March 23, 2010. They are "grandparents." People with health insurance - The following are six ways in which Obama's health care reform can improve family health insurance.

Parents can add their adult children (under 26) to their plans.

If someone is sick, the insurance company cannot cancel their plans or limit how much insurance your family uses. If someone is sick for a long time, the new insurance company cannot refuse to cover it.

Health and pregnancy checks are now free. Including copayment. Insurance companies may not increase insurance premiums without the approval of the state government. Some families have received checks from insurance companies. This is because Obama’s medical reform says companies must spend at least 80% of their premiums to provide actual medical care. People without health insurance - public registration on the health care exchange is usually from November 1st to December 15th each year. If you missed the registration period, you may still get short-term insurance.

Obama's medical reform prohibits insurance companies from refusing to insure anyone with any previous conditions.

Obama's medical reform allows more people to get Medicaid. Eligible income is 138% of the federal poverty level. The exact level of income varies from state to state. The federal government paid all the extra costs for the first three years. Thereafter, the states pay a 10% fee. Despite federal subsidies, not all states have expanded Medicaid. Most families earn too much and don't get Medicaid and will still get help. They can get subsidies every month and even reduce co-payments and deductibles. This eligible income is 400% of the poverty level and increases with inflation every year.

Many people think that the federal government should not force people to buy insurance. Why does the federal government require this? If everyone has insurance, more people will go to the doctor when they are sick, rather than waiting for their illness to become an expensive emergency. This reduces the cost of health care for everyone.
As time goes by, health insurance should make your family spend less. This is because more healthy people will pay more insurance premiums to insurance companies, and then insurance companies will make more money. They will compete on the exchange, so they will charge less for more business. Older people’s health insurance will cover more medication costs, which means they can afford all the medicines they should take and stay away from the hospital. This also reduces the cost per person.


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