6 ways to get free funds from the government

Need help paying for heating or phone bills? These programs may help:

How to apply for disability benefits

The process of applying for disability assistance to the government can be lengthy and complicated. In fact, most of the application applications submitted to the Social Security Administration, such as social insurance schemes, were rejected by the Disability Identification Service. Although there is no guarantee, there are still some steps that can improve your chances of success and speed up the process.

How to apply for food programs for old people

Group meals are available in all states. Individuals can choose where to eat, including churches, high-end centers, religious facilities, office aging areas and housing facilities. Older people can not only get free, nutritious hot meals or lunch, but also have the opportunity to interact with their peers. The process will also allow them to attend workshops and gain community support.

Twenty-Five Ways that You Can Qualify for a Free Government Cell Phone

There are several ways that you can qualify for a free government cell phone. Here are some of the more common ways that you can qualify and then some ways that you might not have heard of before...

What Phones are Compatible on my Free Phone Network?

Many customers ask if they can use a different cell phone to replace the free government cell phone. many individuals simply don't like the phone that they have received from the lifeline assistance program. These people want to know if they can switch to a different phone. There are several factors that go into this and the standard answer you're going to get is it might be possible...

Free Government Cell Phone the Top 10 Deals

Many people feel that all free government cell phone plans are the same, but this isn't the case at all. There are some plans that are going to be better than others. Here is what you need to know about government free cell phone plans...

Blue Jay Wireless Is Another Free Government Cell Phone Company That Is No Longer Supporting Lifeline

We get many questions every day about various free government cell phone companies. One person asked about the company Blue Jay Wireless. The person indicated that all of their website information and lines have been down since December 2017...

You can Switch Your Free Government Cell Phone Company When you want as the USAS has Eliminated Port Freeze

If you're a customer on the Lifeline free government cell phone program then you now have the ability to switch your provider anytime you wish. The government body governs the free government cell phone program is called USAC and they have eliminated the pot freeze that is caused so much problem for consumers...



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